As our name suggests, Mr Pothole are THE experts in pothole repairs in Perth. The most common pothole repairs are:

  • Overlap pothole patch – used where existing bitumen is worn and thin
  • Cut Out – used where bitumen can be cut out to finish level with the existing surface 20mm thick or more.
  • Infill (or Butt-fill) pothole repair – used where damaged area is laid with new asphalt to finish level

Pothole before Pothole after


For larger areas requiring bitumen repairs, asphalt is cut out and base work completed as required. Common asphalt repairs are a result of damage from tree roots, oil spills, broken paving, container feet and more.

Bitumen repair before Bitumen repair after


Cut out before Cut out after



If you need bitumen repairs in Perth call Mr Pothole – Perth’s most trusted bitumen repairer.