Looking for pothole and asphalt repairs in Perth? We are industry experts with over 25 years of experience in pothole and bitumen repairs.

No job is too big or too small for Mr Pothole. We provide expert repairs and quality finishes.

Our services include:

Pothole Repairs

As our name suggests, we are THE experts in pothole repairs in Perth. The most common pothole repairs are:

  1. Overlap — used where existing bitumen is worn and thin
  2. Cut Out — used where bitumen can be cut out to finish level with the existing surface 20mm thick or more.

Click here for more on pothole repair.

Speed Humps

We install bitumen speed humps, working to your specific requirements and measurements. Our bitumen repair can be laid on existing concrete or asphalt driveways. Click here for more on bitumen speed hump installation.

Bitumen Driveways

We repair asphalt driveways in Perth and throughout the metro area. We provide driveway and crossover repair as specified, whether to re-sheet, resurface or part repair as required. Click here for more on asphalt driveways.

Water Diverters

Mr Pothole can install water diverters 300mm to 400mm wide and 30mm high, or as requested, to redirect water to flow to drains or wells. Click here for more information.

Wheelchair Ramps

We construct wheelchair ramps from ACROD parking bay to kerb height and at a 1:10 to 1:14 fall for smooth transition. Click here for more on wheelchair ramps.

Forklift Ramps

Bitumen repairs to forklift ramps removing old, damaged and sunken sections, levelling up to meet concrete pads or lips ensures ramps are safe and functional. Click here for more on forklift ramps.

Trench Re-instatement (plumbing or electrical)

Our bitumen repairs to trenches can be cut out or trimmed as specified, with base work completed as required. Click here for more on trenches.

Bitumen Repair & Cutting

Asphalt is cut out and base work is completed as required to repair damage from tree roots, oil spills, broken paving, container feet and more. Click here for more information on general bitumen repair.

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From bitumen driveways in Perth to kerbing or minor concrete repairs, Mr Pothole can help.

Make Mr Pothole your first choice for pothole repairs, asphalt repair and bitumen driveway repairs in Perth. If you are unsure what type of bitumen repair you need call (08) 9359 1665 and we can advise on the best option for you.