Driveway Repairs Made Easy

Driveway Repairs Made Easy

If you are a homeowner, you will have had some experience with repairing the driveway, whether it be a concrete or asphalt surface. These repairs are the result of years of weathering, not to mention the number of vehicles that use the driveway, and sooner or later, you will have to make repairs.

This needn’t be a headache, Mr Pothole specialises in all kinds of bitumen driveway repairs, and with many years of hands-on experience, there isn’t a job they can’t handle.


Bitumen and asphalt are interchangeable terms in our industry, bitumen referring to the raw material used and asphalt or tarmac used to describe the final product. Many driveways are surfaced with this material and although a tough and reliable solution, prolonged and regular use can cause the asphalt to break up or crack. Of course this can very much depend on the quality of the initial works.

With the skilled team at Mr Pothole, we can advise the most suitable solution and carry out the required asphalt repairs with a guarantee for a long lasting result.

Concrete Repairs

This would include any kerb or edging, and if your pathways or terrace has seen better days, this can be repaired at the same time. Concrete driveways should not require repairs, but if the initial job was not up to standard, this will become evident within a few years. Our team of experts can deal with any surface issues, and if you should require a complete resurfacing, we can handle that too.

Expert Advice

If your driveway needs attention, before deciding on a solution, talk to the experts, as there might be solutions you hadn’t considered. Often the repairs are extensive and it is a better solution to completely resurface the area. At Mr. Pothole we would be happy to advise you on the best solution to your driveway issue.

Under the Surface

Good repairs mean the right preparation, and before adding anything, the damaged area must be thoroughly cleaned out, and might need to be enlarged slightly, to give better adhesion. A professional would know how to prepare, and that will ensure that the repairs are long lasting.

Mr Pothole can carry out the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently, simply give us a call.