Cost Effective Driveway Repairs

Cost Effective Driveway Repairs

Maintaining your driveway is an essential part of the upkeep of the property, and it is one of those jobs that people tend to put off, perhaps because they mistakenly think it will be an expensive improvement. The fact of the matter is, bitumen repairs to a driveway can be completed at a reasonable cost, and if you talk to us at Mr Pothole, we will work to your budget and carry out the necessary repairs.

Asphalt Surfaces

Asphalt is the name for a bitumen based product that comes in either black or red, and it is ideal for driveways in Perth, as it is resistant to extreme temperatures. Over a period of time, a tarmac driveway will require some remedial work, and if this is not carried out, you may end up having to resurface the entire area. We have been servicing the Perth area with bitumen drive repair for almost three decades, and pride ourselves in our commitment to customer satisfaction, and with no job too small, we are happy to repair even the smallest section of your driveway.

Concrete Solutions

Concrete has long been a favoured material for a driveway, and with a range of colours available, it is possible to radically alter the character of the property. This durable material does erode over time, and if steel rebar is not used in the construction, the tensile strength might be excessive and cause the concrete to crack. Mr Pothole has extensive experience repairing all types of concrete surfaces, and with many large companies on our books, we offer maintenance services for car parks, along with a host of relates services for the domestic and commercial customer.

Making the Right Choice

If you are thinking of making some minor repairs to your drive surface, it would pay to talk to the experts first. Although the visual damage might seem slight, there may be holes and cracks appearing under the surface, which means that minor fixes will be ineffective. In such a case, an experienced tradesman would recommend resurfacing the entire driveway, as this is the only permanent solution. Resurfacing a tarmac driveway isn’t as expensive as creating one from scratch, as the foundations and edges are still solid, and with a generous layer of new asphalt, levelled to perfection, your driveway will look like new.

Surface Preparation

As any tradesman will tell you, the surface you are about to treat must be prepared correctly. If you wanted to plaster a hole in your wall at home, for example, you would have to make the area wet before applying the plaster. Repairing a driveway is primarily about preparing the damaged area, which will ensure that the new material bonds well with the existing layer.

We are Happy to Help

Mr Pothole is always ready offer advice regarding driveway repairs, and with a list of other services, we are confident in our ability to please. Anytime you would like an expert opinion, contact us today and we will do our best to provide the best quote for a quality job.